Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Neener neener

This is my bumper crop for the year. Ive been out picking a bowl a day and tossing all the moldy(!!!) toms. We are up to about 50% loss with the weather this week. I would pick more but I'm out of room now. As these ripen up, I send them to work and eat them all melty on English muffins, but it only comes to about 5 a day... and no one wants the ugly ones for some reason. Hmmph.

I thought tearing out tomato plants would be the saddest thing ever... but I'm completely over it now.
Especially when they are looking like this:

Brandy boy, Black Tula and Omar have met there fate now. I've got more to pull out I just need some sunlight to do it.

Meanwhile I'll focus on the flowers blooming instead of the dying tomatoes...

A rose by any other name is still from RiteAid

Unknown emergency roses from 2007

Does Autumn Joy always fall the OTHER direction?

The first and biggest sunflower. At least a foot wide now

Sunflower competition

Backup multiheaded sunflower

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  1. I'm still jealous of your tomatoes :) I've been checking mine every couple of days and they are mostly all moldy now. One looks like it's thinking about turning red. Your roses are really pretty and the sunflowers are amazing, my one and only is about 2 feet tall. You must be getting more sun at your house.


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