Monday, July 2, 2012

More plants for me!

Having an April birthday is the greatest thing ever! I spent all month buying every plant I saw and wanted. Unfortunately they were small and unimpressive when they first got planted so I had to go recollect photos since only now are they doing much!
Here it is JULY!!! I am surely behind.

This is what I have bought and planted so far:


Strawberries x 3 types

-Bluecrop Northern Highbush
-Sunshine Blue Southern Highbush
Brussel Sprouts
Seems someone has been helping themselves to these leaves...

green onion
Sweet peas
Sugar snap peas
Peppers: jalapeno, habanero, cayenne & bell
16 tomato plants

Ground cover
Elfin Thyme, for patio
We finally gave up on little star creeper. Elfin thyme seems to be more resilent to my kind of neglect.

Here it is slowly growing in. Along with some weeds here and there...Hopefully in 2 years it will be solid like the original stones we surrounded by it.

Acidantheria-hybrid gladiola x30
Lilies x 10
Crocosmia x10
Gladiola x 30
Dahlias x6

A free volunteer, Wild Sage, found front and center in the garden!

Various annual/perennials
Angel Amber Kiss Viola

Variegated winter Daphne x 2 --if only this photo was scratch and sniff! Possibly my all time favorite flower(now, ask me again in a year!)
While flowering

Now, growing

I really should get these planted--I have had since early in the year. Only problem is the "garden" they will go in has yet to be worked! Maybe I see a new project in the future, if only to save these gorgeous plants!

Lupine, gallery red-Lupinus Hybrid (I really should go take a photo of this!)
Oriental Lily
Flowering onion--Missed photo of this when it was at its biggest.

Carnation-Dianthus Grenadin White
Carnation-unknown Red
Black and Blue Salvia
Poppies x4

White Hyacinth x2
Osteospernum x3

Fucshia x 3 types


Frog garden, under bird feeder

Hens and chicks, Mrs. Giuseppi
Sempervivum-pacific rim
Sempervivum calcareum

Lithodora diffusa-killed

Upper moat storage for someday lower moat:
Blue ice bog rosemary-almost killed.

For west yard
Sword Fern-not yet planted

Salmonberry bush-almost killed

Current status is NOT pretty, but seems to still be alive!

I can't be the only person that has to sacrifice plants to the garden gods when on a shopping spree?

Evergreen Huckleberries x2-not yet planted.

Stonecrop Angelina

Sweetbox -Sarcococca Confusa
Sweetbox -Sarcococca hookeriana humilus
Hellebore orientalis 'Royal Heritage'
Helleborus 'Ivory Prince'

Finally in the ground after MONTHS!

 Whew! That is alot of new things to keep track of! I bought, planted and promptly ignored!
I will do something about that soon if the sun ever comes out again.

And the full garden as of last week:
Plus-so much rain I haven't needed to lay hose for watering yet!
Minus-I haven't been out much because of said rain!

My peas are doing terribly this year. Last year I had far too many, and now I have far too few. Better get out and eat them now!

An update on Asparagus: Ferns falling all over each other had to be staked up. Yet a few still sneak out and fall over again.
Definetly not a "pretty" plant after the eating season is over. Next year will be delicious though!

An update on Chester--Still alive!
This is the view from where I sit now, at the dining room table on the notebook.

I actually have a few more blogs planned! Yippee! I really need to get through this alphabet so I can blog randomly about what ever is going on RIGHT now.