Sunday, September 19, 2010

Saving money on ground cover

I spent $24 on 5 -4inch pots of Little Star Creeper at Molbaks early August. This seems to be a hard one to find via seed. Its a Steppable product and the easy to find option is Blue Star and White Star creeper which are taller than this Little Star. Being a fast growing ground cover, I still couldn't find it sold in a flat at any of the local nurseries. Would have saved me alot of time.
So a new plan formed! I will propagate my OWN!

I divided 4 of the 5 plants in to 4th or 8th and planted in corners and some on a few edges to get a more covered area. Over all I only lost 2 of the 1/8pcs in 5 weeks

8/11 Just planted
I took the 5th plant and separated it in to fourths and planted in soil.
Meanwhile kept the patio watered regularly on hot days.
Still growing...and perky too. 8/22

8/26 the plants are growing!

9/18 I finally have 4-4inch plants. Cost $4: Outcome $16 worth = Time 5 weeks.

9/18 I separated 3 of the 4 in to there own flats. ($18 worth of soil/flat containers to be used alot) and bought 2 more plants to spread more cover faster($8). In the 2nd tray from the top I planted the 2 new plants whole, and in half, where as my original grown ones I separated out as 4ths again. Always testing. The 4th plant I grew I cut up and planted as a test strip in between the stones.

Here it is mid September on the most planted stone, growing in nicely in 6 weeks.
Ultimately this section cost $8 using 1/4th in the corners and 1/8th around the edges. But by spreading it myself that would have only cost $2.
Now I'm about $50 in to this, but being we will end up with more than 80 stones with 4 corners and 4 edges each, the time it would take to grow (years) or buy that many plants($160 + time) would be alot of no fun. This way by next summer we should be most the way grown. Plus now I have several flats I can learn to start seeds in!

Any questions?

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