Monday, August 30, 2010

Nothing gets easier

That's right. Last day of nothing! We are getting better at this.
The couch got its naps, some netflix have been watched, pizza consumed.
Along with some farm fresh eggs and a garden harvest!
These eggs are from Monroe. The shells are much thicker than the store bought eggs. I love how no egg looks like another. How are white eggs white? Anyone know?

Harvest= 1 zuch, tons of beans, 2 cherry tomatoes and 1 little pepper.
Oh oh and the pumpkin!

We watched the sky and the rainbows are out of control! They arent allowed to do this...are they?

It turned in to a double rainbow which may be featured in future posts. If you ask nicely.

I found a little friend in the garden too! The true reason they are thought to be good luck is because they eat aphids. He stopped his crawling and posed nicely for me.

We spent alot of time thinking on this as well

Notice the leaves turning on the cherry tree in the back? Fall is coming!

Doing nothing takes alot more thought than I realized... at some points I ALMOST did something but managed to distract myself by comparing our tans and photographing it.

This is just about my favorite accident in the garden. Some how this little growth got knocked out of the ground, so I rescued it and had little hopes of it blooming in a vase. But it did! And I took lots of photos of it. Im quite impressed with how delicate the petals are and how the new blooms are all curved down until bloom time and magically they straighten.

This is the first red pepper. All the peppers are exploding with fruit, but still not much big enough to eat.

I have some awesome flowers that are hidden behind the cosmos in the garden. Perfect for vases(and cups) and they last forever. I should probably go find out what they are called.

Here are purple bean blossoms. 1 is pictured above in the harvest.

Thats all today! Back to doing things around the house later this week!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Fred Friday

Fred Franklin Finger-biting Beak, that's my name too...
Whenever I go out... the people always shout...
(sing it with me!)
There goes Fred Franklin Finger-biting Beak!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

The dark side of gardening

You think Im talking about spiders and slugs and aphids and ugly little bugs that eat roots...


Im talking about MOLD on my zuchinni leaves.

I have sprayed them with Zeem oil, once, half assed Im sure. You have to wait 24hrs to harvest after using it, so I never know when that will be, so I havent resprayed yet.

And how about how my tomatoes are all green and September is almost here?

Also, my sunflowers are still sun leaves and the rain is coming.

How will I ever revel in my 7yr old dream house? Im gonna have to plant them again next year.

And what about my nasturtium with no flowers?

Its AUGUST 26TH!!!

I read recently how this is a year for the lesson of HOW tomatoes grow. Not how they ripen. Or what they taste like. Grow. I may not get to taste any this year.

And neither will you. After all the anticipation.

Its been great watching it all grow, but it breaks my heart. Takes some ooomph out of my excitement to do it all again next year. Twice as big.

The one shining light? Greens. Collards, chard and kale. Best thing yet.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Week of nothing begins!

We have worked non stop for 5 months now, hardly seems like time to take a break, but we are going to do it. Or rather NOT do.

I think we will search the clouds for shapes, take naps, and chastise the tomatoes in to ripening faster. We may go for some walks, or ride our bikes or go on a semi planned hike! Since I didnt get it fully planned before our "Week of Nothing" began... we dont know where we are going yet! Maybe a road trip to Cashmere for BBQ or just a random drive and hike in some unknown place. We also have netflix and a neglected couch waiting for us
We may have visitors, but you have to invite yourself over, because inviting you over requires planning and that is not NOTHING.

We have grass growing, bare stairs needing sanding, a lonely beam upstairs... but they will all be there waiting for us next week.
If we get really bored, we may think of working on one of these items, but we will resist!
I struggle every hour with wanting to make a to do list for our time off and have so far kept the pen from the paper!

There is plenty of sky, flowers and couch to keep us entertained. It is kinda fantastic that I can see the sky and flowers FROM the couch.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Random memories in the making

The whole point of this blog is to look back at these things we will forget in our old age so prepare to see more photos going forward!

Garden this week is proving plentiful. Even though I get to wear socks today Im getting a little fearful of the weather changing. What happens if all I get is 3 tomatoes?

This is our bounty from Sunday. Love these green beans. Tomato #3...
There are spiders in my tomatoes and they are threatening me so I can no longer tie them up.

My old friend Ophelia gave me a ton of plants! I accidentally buried the tag to the big one in back--anyone know what it is?
And lots of seeds of my favorite things.

Im learning to take better close ups. This is probably why I have 500 photos in 23 days. This is an orange bell pepper bloom

We used the solo yellow crook neck and green beans in our scramble Sunday morning. It was amazing! If only those tomatoes were mine.

First green bean harvest from earlier in the week

This is what is left of Zombie defense training saturday night with the tamper.

Possibly the only safe picture from the first housewarming... Bird IS the word!

Party prep mishap of the best chili sauce ever. This is immediately after I broke the faucet upstairs in the middle of prepping food.

And how the evening ended with a (hehehehehe) wrestling match...

These things must not be forgotten!

I must now go edit and rotate the other 518 pictures for future posts!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Did I mention my pumpkin?

Its turning ORANGE!

This was just 2 weeks ago
And 3 weeks ago

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My assets are hard working

= Travis' Assets

(travis doesnt approve this whole post!!!)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Pepper Inspection

Super Chili - 13
Red Bell - 0
Sweet Banana - 4
Poblano/Ancho - 0
Orange Bell - 0
Hot pepper - 3
Jalapeno - 1
Orange Bell - 0
Cayenne - 8
Hot Banana - 3

This was the score last wednesday when I did my inspection. I was really hoping for some bell peppers, we like to make kabobs often, and those bell peppers in the store are expensive at times. Wonder if this year will be more expensive given the crappy weather...

As of yesterday there were a few tiny bell peppers starting and a 2nd jalapeno. The cayenne seem to have grown double in the last 3 - 90+ degree days.

The Super Chili, pictured above, is pretty silly. The whole plant is only about 8 inches tall, but its pushing 20 peppers today.
Still I am going to have to put on my disguise and brave the produce section for our party on friday. Embarrassing really. I have 100+ tomatoes on the vines and STILL have to buy tomatoes :(