Monday, July 18, 2011

B's in my bonnet

BORING--This BLOG has definitely become this. A few of these items may explain why.

BEHIND-- I am going to attempt to keep some focus here on the blog by using the Alphabet going forward. 
Next up C is for _____.  If you want to see something covered-give me a shout!

BUSY--We are doing everything and nothing all at once. Also see Boxes
I have no idea how we kept up the momentum in the last year. Suddenly all the shopping, cooking, cleaning, laundry and 40hr a week day jobs have tired me out. I quit making to do lists, but it may keep me on task if I did. Who has time to make one???
Yes, make a to do list is on my mental to do list. Along with write a blog.

BEAMS--They are still gorgeous! We like to sit on the couch and stare at them all the time.

BROCCOLI--Is on its way out--cooked some on the BBQ but lost a lot of it to aphids and some flowered because I have not been diligent in the garden recently.

BUGS--I am NOT happy about this development.  I have Aphids. I have been battling them with soap & water  (I first typo'd with soup--maybe I should try that!) in a high pressure sprayer and so far--they keep coming back. I have also tried removing the offending plants and cutting off offending bits too. Next stop lady bugs--but I hear they usually prefer the neighbors yard.. so maybe I should release them in the neighbors yard so they come here? They really depress me (the bugs, not the neighbors) in to not wanting to look at the garden.

BEANS-I planted a few-but the peas are really full and in my way, so I should probably plant more soon. Is 20 seedlings enough? Probably not. I will regret it if summer comes and goes with out more beans!!!

BOXES-I have rooms of boxes upstairs. Every room.  The kitchen bits we couldn't fit when we lived downstairs & we haven't used a lot of it in over a year, so I could get rid of it, but really we revised our dinner menu to accommodate our space-so I would like to make some of these more complicated recipes again soon.
There are more boxes in the garage--mostly my books, that I plan on thinning, but I refuse to move them up til I clear up most of these boxes upstairs.

BEDTIME--We have been staying up way too late. The rule goes- after midnight just add 1 to every hour to make it seem earlier--but once you get to 13'oclock, it is truly time for bed. I BLAME this on:


The whole evening was a bit fuzzy

My 2 husbands

BBQ-Of course we still BBQ, all the time. I haven't tried to make any meals on the stove yet in my new kitchen--I have til the letter K to get the kitchen finished right? Recent new menu item includes marinated chicken skewers &  Franks Red hot sauce--I am all about putting that Sh#t on everything!

BOOZE-Still required for admission! 

BURRITOS-We love to get burritos from JC's Market around the corner. Simone sells some amazing Mexican food in this place--open til 7 but closed Sundays! We seem to crave burritos mostly on Sundays so getting one during the week is pretty high on our to do list.

BROTHERS--2 guys that run JC's Market are Alain and Pierre-great guys from the Ivory Coast--We threaten to bring them veggies all the time, but have yet to actually come thru.

noteBOOK--We got a new one finally! This is one cause for the lack of updates. All the pictures are on the old notebook still so once I finish here, I will go there and upload some. I am a bit challenged with Win 7, but I'm getting there through necessity

BOOKS-I upgraded to the Nook recently, though I still have library books I am reading. I am not impressed. Maybe I will like it better after some more time. One plus is how quietly I can read in bed, in any position I want. But the selection of free and lendable books is a bit lacking.

BLACK EYED SUSANS--How did I not know about this flower til this year? LOVE at first sight!

BEFORE & Afters--I am even behind on this aspect--
Remember the leaky washer back in May? Maybe I should show the after portion:

Like new:

BOYS--Travis and Mark--(see also BAD COMPANY) are currently fixing the dry rot in the front deck. More pics shall come under D

There are possibly a few B's I have missed, but this is all I've got for now.
I sure miss reading all the blogs regularly. I hope to get back to that soon!