Monday, October 4, 2010

Never thought I'd say this....

Well well well, what do we have here??

Refreshing! The tomatoes have met the wrath of April! Unfortunately--the spiders have already relocated to places I don't expect them--garden gates, door knobs, the peas...

Weekly garden pic looks a little bare--but truly, I like it. It seems my life revolved around the tomatoes for the last 6 months! Getting rid of wood chips, digging up the dirt, adding compost, planting (in the rain) then tying, staking, tying, staking, watching, picking finally, and then, then! We have 40 tomatoes in no shape for "non gardeners" to want to eat. Organic tomatoes are NOT always pretty.
Now we have this: 
In other news--Travis is officially old... He loved the yard tools he got for his birthday. Hedge trimmer and air blower(to clean up after himself)
And yard work! Really the hedge was about to eat our guests and we cannot have that.
And these spiders have relocated as well--eeek!

Now if it would RAIN already(now that I don't have to worry about tomatoes molding) we could get to work on the house. This summer sure has been distracting.

Less than 2 months til we move upstairs!!

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