Monday, September 27, 2010

More pictures than progress

The sunflowers are finally peeking over the fence into the garden.  I have had 2 neighbors comment on them,
I'm like a proud mama, just beaming with delight over the long waited flowering. The tomatoes are looking a bit ragged, but they are still ripening plenty.

The tomatoes are going crazy. At this moment I have 30 tomatoes sitting all around my house ripening... 30! Below is the 2 Siamese tomatoes turned into salsa.

This is an unknown ground cover given to me by Ophelia. She said it spreads quite fast. Anyone know what it is called? I randomly stuck it in the dirt because I don't know where I want it... now it has started reproducing! In the center top of the pic is a new shoot.

This is what we did this weekend.....
Dug a giant hole, spread the dirt around this section of yard to even out our slope(still need more dirt)
 Bought a truckload of compost...

 Filled in the hole! This is the future Asparagus bed. The 3 year wait will be worth it.
Plant Spring 2011> Eat Spring 2014 and every spring thereafter!

Doesn't look like much from back here--but I'm stupidly excited about the levelling of the yard. All around the edge of the retaining wall the ground slopes and makes it hard to mow. Who would ever thought I'd be this excited about dirt? (Notice the Sunflower in the back? It just wants to be in every shot.)

This is what I used the last 1/2 wheel barrow of dirt for. We raised the level of dirt between stones. It settles  slowly and we don't want Margarita to break a heel between the stones. Plus the fresh dirt makes the little star creeper look greener.

That's it. Move along. I have hundreds of pics and this is all you get today.


  1. Oh Yum! Fresh asparagus! I get excited about dirt too. I think your unknown plant is Euphorbia myrsinites. Google images and see if it looks like it.

    Wish I had ripening tomatoes. Mine are still as green as Kermit. Sigh!

  2. Thanks Alison--I just found out it is a noxious weed in Washington!
    And--the best part? The caustic sap!!
    "Myrtle spurge can crowd out native habitat for wildlife. It poses danger to adults and children, because of it’s caustic latex sap. This sap causes nausea, vomiting and diarrhea when ingested. If the sap comes in contact with the skin, it causes redness, swelling and blisters"
    Time to remove my pretty plant!


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