Monday, July 26, 2010

Working like dogs

What a weekend! I cannot list all we did. It seems to have lasted a week.

I do remember climbing to death defying heights to wash our windows in the vault.
We almost finished the main bathroom. As far as finished you can do for cheap. The floor will stay for a while. Found out if you use flood lights in the can fixures it actually puts off light. Bought a knob for the closet door and had to go back for a longer screw. 2 trips for a $4 worth of items. Yes yes, this is my life!
We painted some beige, painted medicine cabinets and 1 window sill. Only 27 more to go! Added more items to the list..sanding and painting cabinet in bathroom. Lets bring the date up from 1978 shall we?

Once again... Pictures!

Travis brought home a dog!!! Not for keeps.. she was running down a busy road on Sunday. Now I get to take her to PAWS. It was nice having a dog for a day.

Garden preweeded. Remind me why weeding on a 80 degree day is a good idea?

Our first salad! That salad spinner really kicks ass. So tasty and light and fluffy.

My first pepper!

Tomatoes got taller stakes and retied. Now when they produce, we may be able to get between them

Cutest little cherry tomatoes

And most importantly! All the cinder blocks are gone! Craigslist really amazes me. We made about 300 dollars total selling stones. The last batch we sold cheaper and the buyers pulled the stones straight from the patio, and took them full of dirt. The best part was they helped with the labor portion of levelling and hauling gravel. Now we have all gravel. Phase 2 complete and now on to adding sand and stones.

Stay tuned for more pictures. The pressure is on to finish up some of these items before August 20th for the 3rd Annual House warming. There will be a few seperate house warmings, but this is the first date. (For those reading this that did not get the invite!)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Did our patio just get awesomer?

Nooo... because awesomer isnt a real word.. but it did get a whole lot cooler!
Or is that more cool? or just very cool... Either way its slightly damp, sunny and glorious!

This is Mist.

Yes, that is right... mist doesnt like being shown in pictures, because the Mist wants you to visit! This even got Travis to sit on the patio in full sun.

And this is what we have to do to earn that mist. Utter transformation for very cheap
1 Truckload of bark = $15

Actually I notice it doesnt look a whole lot different in pictures. Odd. Even my flower beds want you to come visit.

Chinese proverb says: The best fertilizer is the gardeners shadow.
Well I say--My flowers wont grow unless you come LOOK at them! And I need more flowers!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Last week/end

First the important business!

Tomatoes showing on 4 plants now! Must extend the stakes soon. This is gonna get outta control!

Some highlights of this last week:
Impromptu kabob garden party
installed towel racks (This is way more exciting than it sounds)
installed bathroom fan(This took way more effort than it sounds)
fixed lower faucet again
new closet door
bought wheel barrow
cleaned freds cage
rerouted soaker hose
cooked strata=fail
sold 70 cinderblocks
recruited help to finish patio
had lunch with dad
ate snap peas
sliced my thumb
burned my thumb
grated my knuckle

The knife demands respect.

I really WAS being careful cleaning it

This didnt come out as planned. Looks good, but runny eggs = yuck. Gonna try eating more today

Friday, July 16, 2010

Word of the day

If you thought the garden was EPIC before--You should see it now!
More pics coming Sunday...but why wait? Why not visit sooner? Tonight?

Todays word brought to you by Derek.
I have yet to meet Derek, but he thinks my garden is epic.
Which is awesome.
The snap peas in this picture were actually picked fresh last night and put in the fridge to take to him, since he cant be bothered to see the EPIC garden in person.
But as he now realizes--Travis forgot to take them. Or I forgot to make sure Travis took them. So, now they are a little less fresh and should be consumed quickly.
Thats right Derek--Im going to eat your snap peas! While you look at the pictures of what could have been yours.

Monday, July 12, 2010


I am beginning to think the peppers werent growing... Let us compare week one and week 5 pics shall we?

June 6

July 11

Just the peppers

I think I am right--they arent any bigger... I read that they are building roots and will still come around. They like soil temps in the 70's and they got planted a month ago... when it was what...55 and rainy?

Winston--I think we have a tomato problem...

And its gonna be divine!

Itty Bittier Zuchinni (travis does not approve this word)

Swiss chard, Kale, Collards are tasty. We have harvested and ate these with dinner twice now and they are still full

And for the house progress.... House? What house?

A little explanation on the last picture

So, Tyana has a love affair with these powdered donuts... she buys them and asks me to hide them so she cant find them.... so while she was loving one up Travis snaps a pic.
Now Noel has just told me about
So I joined in... the result? Well--you saw it. Bizarre? Yes. Hilarious? Yes! On the internet? Oh yeah. Embarrassed? Not quite.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Blame Tyana...

...and the Zombies for no updates. Maybe friday when my life returns to normal(er)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Tuesday/Wednesday progress

And since I always forget the before pictures... you just get this weeks progress..
Frankly I kinda want to forget the before part.
Removed stones, clean stones, hauled stones, levelled dirt, watered dirt... All on monday and tuesday.
Bought gravel, hauled gravel, shovelled gravel, raked gravel... all on wednesday
Next up... more levelling, tamping and possibly more of the wednesday portion again!
Saturday is fast approaching, but I think we are on track.