Saturday, September 18, 2010

Edited Stairs with finale!

So these were the stairs we bought...they were DIRTY, but not ruined.

This is Zombie Travis showing how narrow our stairs are.

This is the morning after we moved in... once we realized the carpet cleaning man failed. Mildew and hangovers do not mix.

After we removed all the carpet, 4 days and 12 hrs after the carpets were cleaned, this is how wet they still were.

And here is me, sanding the ugly stairs 5 months later.

They needed a lot of patch work. But they have more depth without the carpet and pad.

More work

Big knots

I labelled the nails for Travis to come by and punch them in.

And then--I taped the edges, to what point Im not sure, as I scratched them pretty bad while sanding(amatuer for sure). They will probably get painted at a later date.

I taped these after having a wisdom tooth out, so its all I was qualified to do this evening.
But tomorrow--we paint! Almost 6 months after we tore out the carpet and 913 staples.

No matter what--It will look better than it has all this time. Not sure if the brown we picked will match the edges or the railing...
We have been almost ready to paint for weeks, but like they say--if it aint broke, dont fix it.

Plus, the garden has been captivating us.
Tune in Sunday(maybe monday?) for an added picture of wet stairs!

Not the best picture from my phone--but Im very proud! Can hardly wait til they are dry and Im not trapped downstairs. Time to go around the house to shower!

Overkill--from digital camera.


  1. Paint covers a multitude of sins and makes everything look better! Sorry to hear about the wisdom tooth, it's been many years for me, but I do remember it being a lot of no fun.

  2. Thanks Alison! You give me hope for the day! Painting starts NOW! We will be stuck downstairs for the day, unless we want to go outside to get upstairs.


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