2012 To Do

A new to do list, hopefully to be fully crossed off before March.

Clean under fridge grate After doing so, fridge died, bought new one!
Install Smoke detectors $
Wipe window sills
Paint downstairs living room $
paint downstairs bedroom $
Install wire shelf in upstairs bedrooms $
Dust hanging lights in kitchen and dining room
Scrub front deck
Buy Ladder $
Scrape 1 part of ceiling
Investigate dishwasher
Research floors for kitchen
Bed room lights $
Paint accent walls in Kitchen(this justifies the ladder)
Dust plants
Install remaining outlets
Move light switch downstairs
Paint pantry doors
Make a 2 week meal plan Abandoned--this is just not for us.
Clean bathroom ceiling fan
re caulk windows
re caulk bathrooms
inspect front outdoor light And replaced!
tell you about my kitchen!
clean out garage
take large load to good will