Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Last day of summer

What is with all the spiders this week?
We have so many we have started naming them. Big Bertha, the sleeping ladies outside the slider...

The one Travis likes to pet... 3 more in this pic below...

My 1 non gigantic sunflower started blooming!! Multi headed even! Come on Sunflowers! It's a battle against time now. 3 of 15 blooming?

This is the Monday tomato harvest. Lots of cherry tomatoes. Mmmmmmm, like candy. I slacked on the harvest this weekend due to not being able to eat real food. I better get out and get the last beans too.

My itty bitty zukes, squash and patty pans. I keep losing them when they get any bigger. The zukes are only about 4 inches long... is it blossom end rot when the blossom rots and makes the ends icky?

This is why you listen when your garden advisor tells you to stake your tomatoes with 8ft supports when you are told... Not 4ft posts 2 weeks later, and extend them 2 months later. Early girl took out Brandy boy and they were both caught by Cherokee Purple. Whoops

I think I'm losing my first pepper plant. Temps are quite down this week, supposed to drop to under 50 this week... I'm leaving it anyway. Hoping to get more red ones. Same with Jalapenos--not pictured--I recently heard that Jalapenos turn RED?! I cannot wait to see that.

So long Summer, Farewell tomatoes and peppers! It was a great time--stay a bit longer next year will you?

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