Done list

This is an edit of all the items we have finished and a few we put off
Install last outlets in kitchen 9/22

Decide about weight set 9/11

Install Jeep seats 9/10

clean windshield 9/24

fix hinge 9/3

install last 4 doors 9/2

cut board for air conditioner 9/2

replace wood under bathroom sink 9/3

Weed whack 8/13

replant lettuce/kale/etc 8/29

hang 2 bird feeders on chain 8/28

install shower head 8/20

Finish painting last 3 cupboard doors 8/15

Sell/donate closet doors

Call Re Store

go to dump

rearrange bookshelf 8/28


Find lazy susan for large cupboard

Buy new desk for office

clean lights in kitchen*Failed*

touch up last cupboard door

Paint accent wall RED

Spray weed killer in gravel

Sift dirt-Done

Caulk main tub 8/8

Clean main bath 8/7

Install pan rack 8/12

Paint under sink 8/13

Touch up cabinet side 8/8

Buy door mats 8/12

Find pic of desk 8/6

Sell desk on craigslist 8/6

unpack boxes in living room

Buy freezer part 240351601

go to helzberg 8/6

Weed asparagus 8/6

feed peppers/zuchs 8/6

thin carrots 8/6

pull out peas 8/6

trim hedges 8/6

clean entry way 11/30

install towel bars master bath 11/3

install faucet master bath 10/18

Install white sockets and flat switches 10/24

Install 3way/4way switches

count remaining switch/sockets to replace, again. 11/3

Hang blind for middle bedroom 11/8

make screen for lower bdrm windows 9/27

Find new screen for patio door July 2011

hang top section for blind in basement 11/15

Learn about overwintering roses, etc

Bring in more plants 10/2

paint stairs 9/19

Clean carpets downstairs 9/19

Clean carpets upstairs

paint kitchen final coat Red

paint 5 window sills 10/10

paint 5 more window sills 10/15

paint 4 more window sills not noticed before

paint all window sills 2nd coat :(

paint Dry Bar beige 1/7

Paint vault area

Replace wood under sink August 2011

Glue 2 tiles to fireplace

Clean blinds

Clean floors/Toilets 10/21

Clean Microwave 9/21

Clean freds cage 9/29

Sand beams ======================= 100% COMPLETE 1/13

detail beams with picks March-May 2011

test stain on 2x4 2/10

Test more stain on 2x6 2/55

pick stain 3/4

condition beams June 2011

Stain beams n/a

remove 2 cabinet doors 10/21

clean 2 cabinet doors 11/2

Sand 2 cabinet doors for test 11/4

paint 2 cabinet doors for test 11/6

remove 10 cabinet doors and hinges 11/8

Clean 10 more cabinet doors 11/11

Sand 10 cabinet doors 11/20

prime 10 cabinet doors 3/13

pick paint color 2/10

paint 10 cabinet doors 8/15

Repair 7 drawers 2/5

Clean 7 drawers 2/6

Sand 7 drawers

prime 7 drawers 3/13

paint 7 drawers April 2011

Clear coat all 15 cabinets & 7 drawers n/a

Hire bob to make hinges pretty April 2011

Remove contents from cupboards upstairs 11/19

Clean base of cabinets 11/27

Sand base of cabinets 60 GRIT 11/28

Sand base of cabinets 120 grit

Prime base of cabinets 2/13

Paint base of cabinets May 2011

Clear coat finish cabinets n/a

install electrical sockets 9/26

count switches/sockets still needed 9/26


Dig Aparagus bed 9/25

Use dirt to fill in low spots 9/25

Buy new dirt for bed 9/25

Remove arugula and Cleome 9/22

Plant Kale and Chard 9/23

Start lettuce in flats

find chestnuts 10/22

plant chestnuts 10/31

seperate ground cover to 6th flat 10/31

Weed garden 9/23

Weed Whack 10/5

Mow 9/24

Trim Maple 9/23

Clean gutters 12/5

Remove moss from roof 12/5

Trim hedges 10/1

action hoe front and gravel area-HA! 12/5

replant spider plant (steal new plants from work) Prep pot first-see buy potting soil

rearrange garage to bring in patio set 10/15

replant chicks/hens 9/22

replant all indoor plants 10/14

Install faucet cover 10/31

put all hoses in shed 10/31

Finish patio

part 1 -

8 large stones 10/8

buy sand 10/8

8 large stones 2/11

part 2 -

7 large for last row 2/11

part 3-

count border stones needed. 2/12

23-24 small gray or black?

Recount and buy

6 Large, 16 small? 2/20

4+ large more

Bring in fuschia 10/15

shoot .380 at wades Jan


3way/4way switches

winterized thingmabobber for 2 faucets


Screen for patio door

last blind for basement 1/15

large blind for basement bedroom

spray foam

Spray Wax

potting soil

towel bars for master bath 10/15

More switches for kitchen-see list on dining room table


fire up bike

change oil in truck

detail jeep

Fix front light, again

rake leaves in front

attempt blowing leaves

define gravel driveway edges

move large stones from front

brick outline of garden in lower moat

saran wrap test on garage floor

buy more moss be gone to use Jan


Update 8/3 almost there! Time to make a new list!!


Paint closets white

Phase 2 Beam sanding

Phase 3 Beam detailing

Phase 4 Beam staining

Finish beige painting

Prime for red accent walls

Paint red accent walls

Paint red accent in kitchen

Install downstairs kitchen knobs

Remove bathroom fan to take to Home depot

Arrange downstairs to continue living

Install new smoke detectors

Test front light fixtures


Clean drains

Fix downstairs TP holder

Remove front door knob

Replace with fixed knob

Install contact paper

Clean cupboards some moreXX

Install handles in kitchenXX

Wipe down tops of doors/frames

Prep last bathroom for paint

Move items in to main bath for showering

rearrange downstairs


Buy 55 stones for holding garden in fence

Level for stones

Place stones

Buy dirt

Get dirt in garden

WeedWHACK front garden

Plant things!!

Buy list

better degreaser

Linoleum floor for Fred

White picket fence for lower moat

Bathroom fan

White paint

Contact paper-

Take front knob in

Metal anchor screws

Price shower faucets

55 Stones

6 yards of topsoil

TSP for cupboard cleaning

return pallet from stones

(I ran out of paper so this is where the list ends)

Original to do list

Finish packing

Sanitize and bleach EVERYTHING


Buy new handles for kitchen cupboards

Strip 2 solid wood beams of paint

Sand 2 solid wood beams

Stain 2 solid wood beams

Paint everything-April 2-5

Remove wood chips from play area turned garden area

Sell on craigslist

Dig up garden before 4/12 for planting of tomatos, peas and spinach

Update blog

Drink heavily

Buy 1 tile to fix fireplace

Price trim for kitchen entry

Price floors for timewarp in Kitchen/bathroom

Decide where to plant things

Plant things

Dig things up

Replant things.

Use push mower

Get propane for BBQ

Build workbench for garage

Buy/build more shelves.

Replace GAUDY diningroom light and drybar light ASAP.

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