Monday, September 6, 2010

Scene of the crime

Do you think the garden is looking a little smaller?

Friday night, I came home and prepared for what I knew must be done.
I got all my supplies together...
Cold beverage-Check
Pruning sheers, tie tape-Check
Phone, Sunglasses, Book-Check.
Pumpkin-Not needed but festive nonetheless--Check!
Id been given instructions by my master gardener... to "take care" of the tomatoes.
I tied up the fallen branches, sweet talked the plants and broke a support post in the process. Then I got down to business.

A sad sad event- I had to remove the tops and blossoms that were going to hold back my tomatoes from ripening. Sacrifice the natural growth and a dozen tomatoes to get more light in for ripening.

I only had enough courage to trim about half the plants on Friday evening. When I came out Saturday to "finish the job" I found 1/2 of Black Tula laying on the ground. Weeping for her fallen brothers.
Apparently I clipped something that wasn't tied tight enough and she committed tomatocide.
A memorial for the fallen. Long live Tula!

After the thinning--they look like they are 4 weeks younger. I was afraid to go out this morning and find them all dead, but they are still standing.

But now- what do I see? Tomatoes for you and me! This is Early Girl.

And the most joyous occasion--my first brandy boy! If I get no other tomatoes to ripen, I would settle for 1 glorious Brandy Boy. Id prefer it to be bigger first (and right side up).

And there are more in the back row that I can see! This is Tulas other half. I can actually see the supports now.

And after all the drama, I was glad to see my favorite little wild flower standing at attention.

Total tomato harvest this year:
1 Black Seaman
1 Silvery firs
2 early Girls
12ish Sun golds
In 4 months!!! #@$#@!

In other news: We started sanding the stairs! I thought it would take about 4 days start to finish... but as a common occurrence in home ownership--it always takes at least twice as long as you expect. So patching and sanding take 2 will begin Tuesday.

And in silly news:
I stopped dinner to take 10 shots of a bug crawling in the bean harvest bowl. This is my favorite one.

Stay tuned for more ripe tomatoes!


  1. I topped my tomatoes this weekend too. You really do have to gird your loins for it, it feels so wrong! I have no red ones, not even any pinkish ones. Lucky you!

    Is that a pink poppy? Very delicate and pretty.

  2. Oh no... top my tomatoes... I just don't think I can do it... though mine don't look like they are putting off all that much right now anyways... I might have forgot to water them for awhile... it was cold out but not wet, oops.


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