Thursday, September 16, 2010

This old house

I found this old picture of our house on the county site and I'm pretty in awe at all the greenery. Not that I would have liked it to stay, but wow. The sellers landscaped the whole slope and removed every stitch of life(minus weeds)

This is now. No more bushes! We have 3 pretend(flowering) cherry trees and 3 dumb bushes (pictured)total in this front stretch. To add to that we have only 4 pine trees separating our neighbor behind us and 1 maple tree that fills up our gutters.

And this is to the right now (well July) Its a pain to mow so I have convinced Travis to let me turn this in to a wandering path with bushes and flowers until the time to install a pond comes. Now I just have to plan that out... time to learn!

Zoomed out to the right. Back before the weeds started growing. My kitchen window looks out on this little square so the planning and planting will be very rewarding.

This is looking left from the original pictures. This was a slope filled with wild looking bushes. Not wild in a good way. Now Travis gets his grass to make beautiful and I get a million mile long (lower moat) stretch to fill with things. Meanwhile we are battling to keep the weeds under 2 ft.
Behind that fence up top is where all the garden magic happens.

This is to the left looking back toward the where the original pictures were taken.
Its weedy and my brain explodes every time I try to figure out what to do with it. Its at least 60 foot long and 12 foot wide. And everyone in the neighborhood looks at it to come or go. The pressure is on, and I just don't have the skill yet.

Landscaping software to the rescue? I'm waiting for the rains and snow to start so I don't feel bad being inside "working" on the yard. Meanwhile Ill get the man to come visit the local botanical gardens so we can get ideas of what we like together.
I only have 1 rule: NO Rhododendrons!


  1. What a huge difference! I think you are better off without those meatball-shaped shrubs. That area to the right will look wonderful with some beds with perennials and maybe a water feature under it. And that area in front under the wall near the street will one day be a show-stopper, I bet!

    Do you know how to make lasagna beds? You can make a bed there in front and not have to take out the weeds, just cover it with cardboard and several layers of compost ingredients. It smothers the weeds, draws worms, and you can plant in it pretty quickly.

  2. meatball shrubs and lasagna beds, you're making me hungry! I am all over this lasagna bed idea--Thanks for the info!

  3. Your property looks beautiful with so much potential! What, no picture of your vegetable garden? :) Thanks for all your comments on my blog this past week. For some reason, you don't show up on my list of blog followers, but clicking on your profile, I can see that I'm on your list! (doing a little happy dance) Now that I've discovered your blog, I'm looking forward to regular veggie garden updates. Have a good weekend!

  4. Hi Minji! Thanks for following. Just click the GARDEN link at the top. This blog was MEANT to be about the house, but the garden is way more impressive!


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