Monday, September 13, 2010

Tomato Mystique

Last night I noticed my Green Zebra were getting pinkish so I asked my Master Gardener about it and she said no chance. Maybe yellowish, but never pink. So what they are will remain a unsolved mystery unless someone has similar..they aren't done changing yet so I will post another pic as they progress

Unfortunetly that makes me doubt all the OTHER tomatoes in the garden. I had them all tagged and listed but one which when I compared the leaf and size, resembled Brandy Boy.
If plant 2.2 isnt right, did it get switched with 1.2 which should be Paul Robeson, or is it all its own accidental seed mix up long before I planted it? Did someone come in and change all the tags? I may never know.

The original Mystery Plant is now putting off tomatoes that look like this...
(Warning: Gratuitous pictures ahead)

I wonder if it was 2 tomatoes that became fused, like Siamese tomatoes?

Or is it going to hatch soon?
Or did it simply grow around a stem of blossoms?

Or did it eat its brother?

Is it looking at me?

And also when I picked these all from OM, Black Tula, Cherokee Purple and Green Zebra, I tossed them all in the same bowl and forgot which was which! So Im guessing here on these labels for this last pic

From Left to right: Early girl, Cherokee Purple, Black tula, Original Mystery, Green zebra at the bottom right and some sun golds bottom left. Also 1 jalapeno, 1 Cayenne

Cherokee purple... or Black Tula.. Next harvest I will take my time and photograph the curious ones from the start individually.

Anyone have any idea on my Original Mystery or Not Green Zebra?


  1. Sorry, I don't know the name of your mystery tomato, but I have to say -- those are some weird, ugly toms.

    Love your header with the little swimming fishies, BTW.

  2. The header is a tribute to our future Koi Pond we hope to put in the front garden (2012-2020ish) :)

  3. Although I haven't grown any of these tomatoes myself yet (2011 will be my first time growing heirlooms), I've seen enough pictures of them online that I feel (almost) safe in saying that your Green Zebra is not a Green Zebra. I think they are more of a smooth-round type, with beautiful green/yellow streaked coloring.

    The rest of your tomatoes look great to me! From all that I've read, many heirloom tomatoes are supposed to look "ugly" but taste great. I LOVED reading all your picture captions about tomatoes hatching, eating brother, and looking at you. So funny! :-)


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