Tuesday, August 3, 2010

What's new?

(this is going to be like looking at vacation pictures, but funner!)

I took the 38ft planter Travis made and dubbed it "Garden of Weedin"

Took me about 3hrs and the cost? Absolutely free! You cannot get that at a luxury hotel!

Travis laid down some more stones so we can BBQ once more...soon.. only 45 more stones to go! (Thats 4500lbs, but shhh... dont tell Trav)
We FINALLY got this one off our list. The living room painting is done (I keep saying that, but there are still windowsills, and the vaulted window area)
This is Cajun red.

Got this one off my list too! Now just to figure out the door situation. They came with 25lb 1978 original cupboard doors, that LOOK like panelling but are not.
So now we have worked up an appetite, off to the garden, I plucked my first zuchinni!

I would work that hard EVERY day for this meal again.

We chopped up the Black Sea man that was the first big tomato to ripen. Ate it in salad with grilled chicken on Friday.
And we ate the first 2 cherry tomatoes

The usual Sunday picture...not alot of noticeable change. I do have 2 peppers growing but the plants remain small and unimpressive.

The beans are doing their thing...

The Great pumpkin is coming, the great pumpkin is coming!!

I have had a few visitors hang out recently...this one posed for me, where as the frog kept trying to get away. Pretty good detail if you click on the pic to make it full size
And then time for relaxing...My pedicure in Kawasaki green. Notice the awesome tan lines?

Tune in next week for Travis doing all the work himself while I go out of town with a girlfriend for a concert at the Gorge and a hotel with a swimming pool! Lets see if he takes any photos!

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