Wednesday, August 11, 2010

More garden hijack

Noticeable changes this week include more beans and bigger flowers. Also almost all the tomatoes have 7+ green tomatos. Early girls are turning RED! We may have some tomatoes soon and I can stop being ashamed ending up in the produce department.

Cleome and Cosmo
Beans beans the magical fruit...
If we are what we eat, we are becoming our garden... and Im ok with that.
Too bad salmon and chicken doesn't grow in the garden also. That would be convenient

Dinner tonight!

We have a nightly migration of a 1000 crows and I've been trying to get this shot of the birds in the sunset every night. When there is a sunset they fly over head.. and when it's cloudy they go for the perfect shot. What ever.

Another 10 down. 12 more today!

Travis taking a little laydown after laying stones and levelling sand.

Not a whole lot of action in the house, and even so, those pics are boring.
Tonight we start adding ground cover between the stones and I'm super excited. Pics on next update. I will take requests.

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