Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Pepper Inspection

Super Chili - 13
Red Bell - 0
Sweet Banana - 4
Poblano/Ancho - 0
Orange Bell - 0
Hot pepper - 3
Jalapeno - 1
Orange Bell - 0
Cayenne - 8
Hot Banana - 3

This was the score last wednesday when I did my inspection. I was really hoping for some bell peppers, we like to make kabobs often, and those bell peppers in the store are expensive at times. Wonder if this year will be more expensive given the crappy weather...

As of yesterday there were a few tiny bell peppers starting and a 2nd jalapeno. The cayenne seem to have grown double in the last 3 - 90+ degree days.

The Super Chili, pictured above, is pretty silly. The whole plant is only about 8 inches tall, but its pushing 20 peppers today.
Still I am going to have to put on my disguise and brave the produce section for our party on friday. Embarrassing really. I have 100+ tomatoes on the vines and STILL have to buy tomatoes :(

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  1. I hear this year is a bad year for gardening... we might have picked a bad year for our first real gardens. Oh well... next year you hopefully will get to stay out of the produce department a little more often. :)


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