Monday, August 23, 2010

Random memories in the making

The whole point of this blog is to look back at these things we will forget in our old age so prepare to see more photos going forward!

Garden this week is proving plentiful. Even though I get to wear socks today Im getting a little fearful of the weather changing. What happens if all I get is 3 tomatoes?

This is our bounty from Sunday. Love these green beans. Tomato #3...
There are spiders in my tomatoes and they are threatening me so I can no longer tie them up.

My old friend Ophelia gave me a ton of plants! I accidentally buried the tag to the big one in back--anyone know what it is?
And lots of seeds of my favorite things.

Im learning to take better close ups. This is probably why I have 500 photos in 23 days. This is an orange bell pepper bloom

We used the solo yellow crook neck and green beans in our scramble Sunday morning. It was amazing! If only those tomatoes were mine.

First green bean harvest from earlier in the week

This is what is left of Zombie defense training saturday night with the tamper.

Possibly the only safe picture from the first housewarming... Bird IS the word!

Party prep mishap of the best chili sauce ever. This is immediately after I broke the faucet upstairs in the middle of prepping food.

And how the evening ended with a (hehehehehe) wrestling match...

These things must not be forgotten!

I must now go edit and rotate the other 518 pictures for future posts!

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