Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Week of nothing begins!

We have worked non stop for 5 months now, hardly seems like time to take a break, but we are going to do it. Or rather NOT do.

I think we will search the clouds for shapes, take naps, and chastise the tomatoes in to ripening faster. We may go for some walks, or ride our bikes or go on a semi planned hike! Since I didnt get it fully planned before our "Week of Nothing" began... we dont know where we are going yet! Maybe a road trip to Cashmere for BBQ or just a random drive and hike in some unknown place. We also have netflix and a neglected couch waiting for us
We may have visitors, but you have to invite yourself over, because inviting you over requires planning and that is not NOTHING.

We have grass growing, bare stairs needing sanding, a lonely beam upstairs... but they will all be there waiting for us next week.
If we get really bored, we may think of working on one of these items, but we will resist!
I struggle every hour with wanting to make a to do list for our time off and have so far kept the pen from the paper!

There is plenty of sky, flowers and couch to keep us entertained. It is kinda fantastic that I can see the sky and flowers FROM the couch.

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