Tuesday, August 10, 2010

On The Road Again...Photo Contest

Last month I ran across a whole bunch of garden blogs. You're shocked I bet.
This one I saved for future reference Gardening Gone Wild
They post themed photo contests each month all revolving around gardens. The winner last month took my breath away.

I don't know anything about photography or gardening or grapes or wine, but Im working on it. Afterall, I do like all of the above. Besides that pictures of my garden have ALREADY hijacked this HOUSE blog.

This photo was taking from a moving vehicle on a roadtrip to the Gorge in George, Washington to see Van Morrison this last weekend. No pictures were allowed of the show hence the last entry with hotel, plants, sun and pool pictures. I had left my real camera at home so the "Official Garden" picture could be taken on time. Leaving only my camera phone to make memories with.

My friend driving has a keychain for a dozen years or more that says
"On the road again..."
And so I decided to enter this contest.

If you are interested in seeing other entries go Here
Interested in entering your own? Go Here

You have til August 21st!


  1. Interesting take on the theme! And an awfully good picture too. Sometimes the ones we snap out the window when we are "on the road" are pretty darn good.

    And Van Morrison? I didn't know he was still performing! Shows how in touch I am!

  2. Beautiful grapes, beautiful clouds, a beautiful day, beautifully captured. Good luck in the contest!

  3. What a great SkyWatch photo! Van Morrison, now that was a great concert... and did we see you there? ;)


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