Thursday, August 26, 2010

The dark side of gardening

You think Im talking about spiders and slugs and aphids and ugly little bugs that eat roots...


Im talking about MOLD on my zuchinni leaves.

I have sprayed them with Zeem oil, once, half assed Im sure. You have to wait 24hrs to harvest after using it, so I never know when that will be, so I havent resprayed yet.

And how about how my tomatoes are all green and September is almost here?

Also, my sunflowers are still sun leaves and the rain is coming.

How will I ever revel in my 7yr old dream house? Im gonna have to plant them again next year.

And what about my nasturtium with no flowers?

Its AUGUST 26TH!!!

I read recently how this is a year for the lesson of HOW tomatoes grow. Not how they ripen. Or what they taste like. Grow. I may not get to taste any this year.

And neither will you. After all the anticipation.

Its been great watching it all grow, but it breaks my heart. Takes some ooomph out of my excitement to do it all again next year. Twice as big.

The one shining light? Greens. Collards, chard and kale. Best thing yet.

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  1. Yes... this summer has been quite the bummer for my garden. We've had about 8 little sungolds and that's it. I'm hoping a few more ripen. And well, the rest of the garden didn't fair so well either. Quite the bummer indeed.


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