Monday, August 30, 2010

Nothing gets easier

That's right. Last day of nothing! We are getting better at this.
The couch got its naps, some netflix have been watched, pizza consumed.
Along with some farm fresh eggs and a garden harvest!
These eggs are from Monroe. The shells are much thicker than the store bought eggs. I love how no egg looks like another. How are white eggs white? Anyone know?

Harvest= 1 zuch, tons of beans, 2 cherry tomatoes and 1 little pepper.
Oh oh and the pumpkin!

We watched the sky and the rainbows are out of control! They arent allowed to do this...are they?

It turned in to a double rainbow which may be featured in future posts. If you ask nicely.

I found a little friend in the garden too! The true reason they are thought to be good luck is because they eat aphids. He stopped his crawling and posed nicely for me.

We spent alot of time thinking on this as well

Notice the leaves turning on the cherry tree in the back? Fall is coming!

Doing nothing takes alot more thought than I realized... at some points I ALMOST did something but managed to distract myself by comparing our tans and photographing it.

This is just about my favorite accident in the garden. Some how this little growth got knocked out of the ground, so I rescued it and had little hopes of it blooming in a vase. But it did! And I took lots of photos of it. Im quite impressed with how delicate the petals are and how the new blooms are all curved down until bloom time and magically they straighten.

This is the first red pepper. All the peppers are exploding with fruit, but still not much big enough to eat.

I have some awesome flowers that are hidden behind the cosmos in the garden. Perfect for vases(and cups) and they last forever. I should probably go find out what they are called.

Here are purple bean blossoms. 1 is pictured above in the harvest.

Thats all today! Back to doing things around the house later this week!


  1. I enjoyed reading your blog - Did you figure out what type of flowers you have? Some of the ones in the picture remind me of zinnias, but I have no idea what the pretty, white flower is.

  2. Zinnia is correct! The white ones I think are wild poppies or anenomes. They were in a wild flower roll that didnt do so well.


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