Monday, August 16, 2010

Never enough time

The peppers are finally growing. I had a collective count of 31 last week. Ill post on those later this week.
Sundays harvest brought us 1 zuchinni and 2 squash. Being as how my zuchinni got hijacked last night, I will have to learn how to cook squash tonight! (Also 4 cherry tomatoes, not pictured because we ate them.)
We had plans of painting window sills upstairs and painting around the windows in the vault on Saturday morning... but then decided its best not to paint the hottest place in our house on the hottest day of the year.. It reached 89 degrees upstairs. Instead we bought blinds to keep the late afternoon sun out of the down stairs, and hung the blinds upstairs temporarily. Still reached 87 degrees on Sunday :(

I was out in the garden taking pictures(unusual, I know) Found this glorious flower below.. A poppy maybe? The petals remind me of silk.

And then the frog found me! What a lovely spot for him to hide.. in a garden that is watered often, in the shade under the trellis.
While Travis laid MORE stones(100lbs each) I filled in between with nice dirt and planted things. We have Little Star creeper over here... its supposed to grow fast so I cut each plant in to 8, and planted in the corners. It is even steppable.

This is Elfin Thyme, also steppable, but gives off a scent!

And after all the hard work and heat of the weekend... it was time to sleep.

(Travis does not approve this picture. Also he doesnt even know it existed, until now! xoxoxo)

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  1. That one flower looks like a poppy to me. :) I have a huge squash I got from my aunt last week, I need to figure out a good way to cook it, let me know if you come up with anything amazing!


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