Monday, November 29, 2010

Dueling sanders

I have finally got a taste of the job Travis has been working on.
He has for 60+ hours now been working on this:

Click for larger view

CLICK IT! You know you want to!

And turning it in to this:

East Beam complete, West beam needing touch up
Now he tells me he has to go over  all 70ft of beams again with a finer sand paper!

Poor guy. Sanding off a millimeter of rough painted and varnished wood is not easy.
The top photos are the best we could get of the roughness.
He has been working on this 1 item on our to do list, while I get to keep crossing off many tasks!
Well, this weekend I finally got a taste of...

I took these cupboards:

And added some elbow grease (and vast amounts of TSP)
Have you ever wiped down the very top of your cabinets?

Also ruining some sand paper in the process...
Go clean your cabinets NOW NOW NOW!
Or you will have this some day.
The left paper is a normal worn out piece,
the right is from the top edge after I cleaned it with TSP vigorously.
I swear it was clean and no longer sticky to the touch

I created THIS:

OK, no really-- I created this:

I shouldn't have sanded the front of that one shelf on the lower right. Oopsie.

He keeps making his project look nicer, and mine keeps getting uglier!

I got myself some green coveralls and I look awesome while working on this.
Now that I have mastered the order in which to don my gear.
Respirator first, then goggles, then earplugs and gloves.

All I have to do is avoid Travis trying to take photos of me in all my hotness.

I'm sure there will be pictures here as soon as he hacks my account.
I knew there was a reason I hadn't given him permissions to post!


  1. Good work! They are eventually going to look great, and all your hard work will pay off!

    And you really should let Travis take a pic of you, it's only fair. After all, you have posted plenty of stuff of which he does not approve!

  2. Huge difference! I'm tired just thinking about it. I always get pictures of my husband covered in drywall dust, paint or dirt, but so far he hasn't gotten one of me :) Probably because I keep the camera hidden from him.

  3. Actually I've removed over an 1/8th of an inch in certain parts. So much so that I've had to incorporate a little of my engineering training to sufficiently blend the removal of material enough to remove the risk of jeopardizing the structural integrity of the beams... :-/

  4. The beams look gorgeous! It's a lot of work but so rewarding!

  5. That is a LOT of sanding....I hope your beams continue to hold up the house :-)

    What? No pictures of you in your remodeling garb? Come on now...I promise to post a picture of me in my sleep/snorkel mask (if I get one).

    You are making fantastic progress in your home, I wish I had your ambition!

  6. I just have to say it... You must be "beaming" with pride!

    It's a lot of work, but it's beautiful in the end.


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