Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Snow celebration!

I adore the snow! The first snow and the morning after is the best time. When it is so pristine and untouched.  I was so sad to be driving to work when it started Monday morning! I got home by 4, and the snow was everywhere already but it kept up til 10pm or later so pictures this morning were way better. By morning everything was covered. And the sunshine made it dazzle.
I took a bunch of photos last night thinking it was the best thing ever, until I couldn't feel my fingers and realized the best thing ever is taking pictures with the right hand and a hot toddy in the other! So forgive the quality of these.
For anyone NOT in the Pacific NW, most of the area shuts down completely. School closed, offices closed, roads are a mess with cars and trucks parked all over backwards and in ditches. We are really not very prepared because we get so little so infrequently. We are expecting it more than usual this year. Lucky for me I can work from home(not). On the plus side, Costco was super empty today with plentiful parking!

Now to share some pictures:

Brrrr. It was 18 degrees this morning

Last night was 24 degrees but that and snow didn't stop Pooper from coming for treats!
Such a surprise seeing her all dressed up.

This is a plant I admire often out and about.
I have a whole series of the year but this is my favorite with little tufts of snow at the end.

I think it will be a few days before we BBQ again.

9am, Nasturtiums are not doing so well

4pm, bye bye Nasties!

It really isn't easy taking photos holding a Hot Toddy.
There is that tree again towering over our house.
Autumn Joy seems happy enough

Purty hat!

I really should have harvested Sunday.
Now we test the hardiness under snow.

Ooops, should have moved these flats of groundcover! I guess we see if it will live under snow on the patio.Hardy to 0 F

Funny, at 4pm Monday I thought we had a harvest problem

What greens? All I see is white and a lovely sunrise
When ever snow is pristine like this I refuse to let anyone walk on it.
Once it starts to melt around the edges, then it is free game.

Feels about the same as 24 degrees did, eh?

It is quite comforting to forget the 'to do' list
and all other required chores
to just enjoy the snow and staying warm
(with hot toddies and a crock pot)
Hope you all are enjoying it as much as I am!!


  1. Relieved to see you made it home in one piece. I read horror stories about 5- and 6-hour commutes. Nice to have a day off. After more than 50 years in Massachusetts, I had a hard time getting used to the snow-day attitude here. Back there this would be considered a dusting, and wouldn't stop anyone from going out. But there also would have been snow plows out till all hours, making many passes over and over on the same streets, and flinging rock salt everywhere.

    Love your enthusiasm! Great picture of the ornamental grass with the tufts of snow on it.

  2. My daughter is the same way about keeping the snow perfect. She gets annoyed if the neighbor kids make footprints in our yard before she does. The sedum looks pretty with it's snow hat.
    My kids are especially enjoying the snow since school was canceled again for tomorrow.

  3. Look at all the snow! I'm so happy that it hasn't snowed where we are yet!

  4. Just look at the snow you have already! We are still waiting (but that's ok, for in Zone 4 we get PLENTY of snow...we won't see green grass again until almost May.) I love to be the first person to leave car tracks in the snow on our lightly traveled side road. Your pictures are beautiful, the ornamental grass and sedums especially!

  5. Isn't all this snow crazy? and more today! The grasses really do look pretty with the snow. Hope you have enough hot toddies to last through all the snow :) My favorite is Bailey's and hot chocolate on a cold day.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. The snow this morning was a great treat! I got to walk in it before anyone else(well almost)
    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  7. It's always nice to read that someone loves the snow, because many people don't. Our snow is gone, but this is just the beginning, I hope!
    Thank you for your comment on my gazebo post! If I manage to clone it, I'll send you one!
    Stay warm!

  8. We are still waiting for our first big snow. I can wait though, let it take its time.


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