Monday, December 6, 2010

Yes Virginia, There is a Red Jalapeno!

Being the newest gardener on the block
it wasn't til this summer that I ever saw my first
 ripened Jalapenos on the web...

It was RED!!

I was stunned. It was beatiful!
Why oh why have I NEVER seen such a sight!
They have only been green! EVER!
You know---what they sell in the stores!

Travis has been on a jalapeno kick for about a year...
since our last favorite neighbors.....

(who stole a zuchini and held it hostage!) 
(and sent me this picture!)
grilled them with bacon in foil on the BBQ
(they are totally forgiven!)

We tried to recreate the act, but it turns out first you must precook the bacon
(Uncooked bacon and overdone jalapenos...Mmmmm)
We have since learned our lesson yet not recreated...
out of shame (must try again sometime)

We have added jalapeno to our weekly shopping trips and our daily menu.
Jalapeno cheeses (on the search for habanero chedder currently)
 jalapeno added to every store bought pizza,
On top of chicken with bacon (precooked!) mushrooms and cheese (to hold it all together!)
We included in lots of grilled veggies,
and a few WAY to spicy Kabob episodes.... with unsuspecting guests.
A few left over kabobs with jalapenos
in salad which made ME in to dinner and a show
(not a rarity!)

Also jalapeno hummus, homemade salsa,
a hint of jalapeno Tostito scoopers, jalapeno popper dip
Plus in scrambled eggs, breakfast burritos and 
(in a box, with a fox)
jalapeno straight up,

 and if there was a jalapeno vodka,
we would probably try it.
(I bet I could add a fresh one  to straight vodka like I did the Skittles....)

So it is no miracle that we grew jalapenos this year.
In our first garden.
Our garden advisor said it was a bad idea....
but at the same time never grew any til this year herself

Looking back thru summer pictures... maybe I should have documented more....
(this is possibly not even jalapeno!)
(2nd thought--I am pretty sure this ISN'T)

 And played around less....
 Mr Potato head...only using peppers.
My favorite

 Here we are--the only shot I took of it in the garden
I was way more impressed by the bell pepper blossoms.

On to the progress!
In late September (or october, again, no documentation!)
we dug up the plant and brought it inside.

First one starts to turn red...
and eventually rots before it is finished :(

Next up, turning red and I keep a close eye on it...

Almost there!!

Jalapenos first snow---
happy to be indoors even if my photo taking skills needs work.

Begining to look a lot like Christmas!

Alas, we let it rest. Nov 28th.
One red jalapeno was sliced up.
We each ate a slice and exclaimed!
It was much spicier than green, but it sure took its sweet(spicy) time!
The original plant was planted in early June.

Jalapenos first(and only) pizza!

We have one left on the plant, just a hint of red starting, on December 1...
Will I have a red jalapeno for Christmas guests?
Ever since bringing it indoors it has not been doing so well.
There doesn't quite seem to be enough sunlight this time of years inside.

Maybe I can call it my Christmas tree?


  1. Let it be red!!!
    They will get there slooooowly.

  2. At last a red jalapeno. I've never seen a red one in the market before. Only green! I find it takes a long time for most peppers to turn color. Our fastest pepper plant to turn colors is the habanero.

  3. How did the hostage situation with the zucchini play out? I was on the edge of my seat with anticipation, the poor, poor veg, how terrifying.

    My only experience with jalapenos is in the video game 'Plants vs. Zombies'...they really work well to wipe out the oncoming zombies. I have never actually eaten one, mostly because I am sure there are not enough OTC antacids available at my local pharmacy to save me from a heartburn attack. They do look delicious!

    I also love your Mr. Potato Head display and am anxiously waiting to see how you decorate your Pepper Tree.

  4. Oh my goodness. Your neighbors sound awesome. I applaud you for gardening in the rain. I barely tolerate it in the summertime.

  5. @ kristine: I agree with the awesomeness of the neighbors. Also, I love how jalapenos look, but I can't stand anything that hot.


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