Monday, November 1, 2010

HalloWEAK 2010

Our 2 tiny pumpkins grown in our garden.

We set out the pumpkins near the front walk way, fixed the front light, checked the solar walkway lights and turned on all the lights inside. Purchased ‎2 bags of candy and only received 4 knocks all night! It wasn't even raining!

Here is the rundown of our visitors:

#1 Our favorite neighbors with a mini Favre.

#2 UNICEF lady looking for donations, but didn't give us a pitch.  Sorry--we don't carry cash. She settled for Whoppers. We speculated this was a scam, but I looked up today online, and I guess they do this every year, but usually with kids dressed up.

#3 Teenage girl alone, who couldn't be bothered to wear her (creepy) mask to the door...we made her put it on and she pouted.

#4 Totally normal strangers with 2 dressed up kids, who tried the knob before knocking. There were 2 woman hiding at the bottom of the stairs, possibly embarrassed of there outfits?

Next year I will take photos and make more fun of them properly.
Where is the enthusiasm for Halloween?

This picture below was a 7ft costume that had me run in fear and lock myself in the supply closet when I first saw it just before the office potluck. I vow to get Travis a costume much like it next year to either answer the door with, or to sneak out the back and scare them when they come around the corner. THAT will show them!

Now what do I do with 1 1/2 large bags of candy, in a house where we rarely eat candy?

The scary part of the night is I was responsible for picking out our movie. I picked "The Box" from 2009 and boy did I fail!! I'm sure there were 10 movies 10x better(not hard!) but this was one on my Netflix queue so I moved it to the top with out reading any reviews.
It was originally a twilight zone episode that was 20-40 minutes... I would have been better off with that one!
I don't know how many times, I have picked out the worst of the worst, but Travis should REALLY stop letting me do this! What a great sport he was watching it til the end anyway.

Does anyone trick or treat anymore or is that a thing of the past?


  1. We had only three groups of kids, and only one was a teenager, a young man with an excellent zombie outfit. I love seeing the kids in their costumes, but trick-or-treating really seems to be dying out.

    Have you ever seen John Carpenter's The Thing? That movie freaked me out, back when I was in my 20s (which was quite a while ago).

  2. I wish I had the brains(Braaaaiiinns) to pre-think my movie choices. The Thing or even Charlie Browns Great pumpkin would have been much more entertaining. There is always next year!

  3. We had only 4 knocks too, and three of them were only one kid. Meanwhile not far down the road my sister went through over 10 bags of candy. This year I finally accepted the fact that one small bag of candy was more than enough.

  4. We had about twenty total kids. All in costume and having fun. If the previous homeowners didn't set up for trick or treaters, they may not have your house on their candy radar yet. Try again next year!

  5. Well, at least someone else's Halloween went about the same way ours did, nary a visitor either. Which was ok, as I didn't have any candy bought anyway. Well, we 'did' have candy about a week ago but 'someone' ate it all...won't say who. Loved your description of the visitors, hilarious!


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