Monday, November 8, 2010

Lets talk about trees

I love trees. Especially in fall.
This tree below is one of my favorites.
I take its picture every year.
It is in an abandoned parking lot near my work.
I often read near it at lunch.
The birds like it. I like it.
That is all that matters.

This one is also quite special to me.
It is in my yard. It hangs over my garden.
It is the first to bloom early in the year.
Giving us reprieve from the cold days..
hope for sun yet again.
It has cherries for the birds in summer.
Green pleasantness for months.
Shade for us on hot days.
Mulch for the garden in the fall.
It can't get much better than that.

I adore this one for obvious reasons.
The crows look great staging for the nightly migration.
I caught the last daily migration I will see yesterday at 4:30pm
From now on I'll still be at work when they fly

This one below is stunning.
It is the tallest one in this group.
So far it still has it's leaves.
I think it is a live Oak

There is only one problem with it...
it is on a slope...
in our neighbors yard
Leaning towards our house...

It is really tall and dense
and will take out the shed
 and the corner of our house
if it falls

And it will fall this wet season.
We are expecting a very wet winter
It has already taken out the fence..
as it slides down the slope.

One dilemma: we aren't friends with the neighbors yet.
How not to make friends: Ask them to remove $3000 worth of trees

This video is one gust I caught
during our first stormy day this fall.
It sure is gorgeous
but that dark spot on the right...
is our house.

I think if we put it on our to do list
"tree falling on house"
it will not happen
or be delayed at least.
More often than not if it is on the list
we do something else.


  1. I love trees too. Having a tree threaten your house though is not good. I hope you can work that out with the neighbor.

  2. I cannot imagine our landscape without them, and that is how it was when we bought our property some 18 years ago, raw and unbridled.

    The tree you are worried about looks like a kind of willow from this distance ;). IF it is, I don't think you should worry about it falling over... some branches perhaps may snap off, but they tend to have deep root systems that go everywhere.

    Our only concerns are the Douglas Fir with a shallow root system and they definitely fall with the wind and the rain especially when standing alone.

  3. I love it, put the tree falling down on the to-do list, and then it won't happen! Not that I am making light of your tree worries, I can definitely see why you would be concerned. That is one big tree.....

    I hope you can work something out with your neighbor, maybe have a tree surgeon (a competent one) do some crown-thinning here and there at the very least. We have a big willow tree in our yard that I am afraid will fall someday too. We thinned out alot of branches to lighten the load and hopefully, when it tips over due to wind, it will miss our buildings. And to think, we planted it there, how silly.

    I really enjoyed your post.

  4. We see those crows migrating over our neighborhood too. I see from your about me that we live close. It's both creepy and amazing to me as thousands of them fly overhead.
    I hope your neighbor's tree doesn't fall. Our neighbors have some huge Cedars by our house and I get so nervous during the windstorms. When we talked to them about possibly removing or thinning the trees the guy climbed up them himself and started sawing random branches. Yikes.

  5. Yikes is right! I so love to watch the crows. Being in the 'crow zone' was just lucky when we bought the place!
    The trees are definetly not willows, It is an oak, with several other things mixed in. Ive been googling stories of Live oaks to see how often they fall and what damage they do!

  6. That is funny...put it on a list and it won't happen or it will be delayed. :) I know how that goes! Hopefully it won't happen. Also, those are very pretty trees!!


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