Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Where are we?


Oh--We are busy sanding!


After the first round of 5 that I sanded and primed we had some friends over to help(meaning dinner and fun times but barely any progress)  and I forgot to take pictures! But one person(not pictured) sanded a whole cupboard down to beautiful wood! Showing me up on my sanding skills and making each cupboard from then on trying to compete with his work!  I just want to scratch them up for primer, not stain.

Jess joined me for a fun filled slumber party!

Too busy sanding to take before/afters

I had set myself a pretty aggressive schedule last week, cleaning 5 a day, then sanding 5 a day and priming 5 a day consecutively. Well, I'm still on last Friday technically. Still sanding cupboards. I have to remember(trying to forget) that THIS is the easy part. Next up drawers to sand by hand!

This is my favorite shot below. This angle makes it look complete!

 Nearly there--this is all that is left on this beam. The hard part is what remains is over the stairwell.
Good luck Travis!

 Now we have the 12ft ladder back to finish this one. Nearly there!!!

When we aren't sanding we are doing a fantastic job and avoiding sanding in the following ways:

Rainbow hunting! When you see 2 neighbors standing in the road with cameras, you know you are missing something good!

Being marvelled at the larges collard leaf I have ever seen! This bunch was 16+ inches from Whole foods. I am obviously doing something wrong in my garden with 8 inch leaves.

Travis is winterizing and recycling left over packaging from our blinds! I love this.
Someone mentioned It is November... and I still have Zinnias blooming in my garden. Albeit very slowly.
So I took all there pictures and cut them down and put them in a vase! It is quite a bouquet of slowly opening flowers. Wonder if I can get them to live til Christmas?

 I'm also avoiding my duties by seed saving! And the required pictures.

 Also, more sky watching. I have to leave work early in order to see the sky these days.

This is the garden last week. I finally tore out the damn plant on the left that did nothing! Looks a lot cleaner now.

 This is also what I'm not doing again. Sanding myself.
No matter how little you plan on sanding at any given moment, wear gloves.
I picked up a piece of sand paper to give a rough edge a few swipes, and wham!

It IS true that jalapenos turn RED! My first one rotted when it got to this point but this one is still firm and going strong!

Stay tuned for red jalapeno pictures!
And more sanding!
And maybe I'll make it to the painting stage soon.
But first I have to pick a color for the cupboards (we have to agree on a color!)
And then... I have to clean the cupboard bases upstairs and hand sand all 7 drawers...and sand the bases, and... oh damn.
Can I hibernate now?


  1. Sanding is sooo boring. But, it will be worth it. You're doing good.
    Love that you still have a garden going. Yes, jalepenos turn red. They can get bright red and be mistaken for a tomato. At lease when you cherry tomato plant takes over the jalepeno cage. Enjoy!!!

  2. Oh, I am so in awe of your dedication to this work. I am NOT good with stuff like painting and staining and cringe every time I look at this old hut. Your work is going to pay off huge dividends, look how much prettier it is already! You've got so much to be proud of, and the finished product is going to be stunning. I salute you both!

  3. You are making me feel rather lazy! Looking good though! :) And well... I'm jealous of how good your garden looks even in the winter... mine turned into a huge mess of weeds which I will once again get to fight in the spring. I hope to get it caught up next year though.

  4. The sanding looks great! What a good idea to throw a sanding party! The jalapeno looks cool too. I didn't know they turned red, I've only ever seen them green.


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