Thursday, May 27, 2010

Vacation Imminent in 3...2....1

Some would go somewhere with sun, sandy beaches & drinks delivered to beach chairs...
Us? We will just get down and dirty at home. Maybe I should add BBQ to the list...
I did get an extra shovel--so you are welcome to visit!

Here is a peak at our Do me list... not all will attempted, but we WILL make a dent.
At least 50 of these I can do myself... and plan on at least finishing the 38 free ones.
I threw in the Have to list at the bottom to make me feel better crossing items off.

We will be getting paid vacation time 8hrs a day--so it will be rewarding to make a wage while working on the house.

I think Ill come update this post or create a new one with the updates as we go along.

reinstall/replace hallway mirror
replace lightbulbs
Finish pantry
Wipe down tops of doors/frames
Install handles in kitchen
clean cupboards with TSP
clean carpet in master bedroom
remove last fire detector
Count outlet/switchs needed
Paint medicine cabinets
paint windowsills white
Finish beige painting
Finish red painting
paint window frames-metal
pick color for stair paint
paint stairs
sand beams
neutralize beams
stain beams
front door knob fix
fix hidden door to kitchen
replace burner
Find freezer parts Part Number: AP2115843
patch hole in 1st bedroom closet
research can lights-upstairs
replace bathroom fans x2
ducting for 2nd fan
Uplights in master bedroom
Find tile for corner of fireplace
replace all upstairs furnace vents
recaulk tiles in showers
Fix main bath toilet
fix master bath faucet
wash fridge downstairs
wedges for fridge wheels
install pan rack in kitchen
clean plants-miracle grow shine
fix faucet in lower kitchen
Clean freds cage parts
new curtain for dwn bath
Service dryer
Fix slider

Linoleum for Fred

Get model #s:
microwave round spinny thing
Oven knob
dishwasher silverware tray
Fridge crisper drawer support/clear drawer
Garden area
finish turning garden area dirt
buy more booster blend
plant things
buy more soaker hose
buy/install hose V
plumber to replace mainline
level stones on patio
remove old wood chips
wipe down BBQ
fill in rocks around fence posts
Buy flower pot to plant fuschia
get fill dirt from jasons
buy underground PVC for garden hose
junction box for underground hose
weeding front stones
realign stones around driveway
put down sluggo
test porch lights
weed lower moat
cut/edge/mulch around trees
dig up rose garden
dig up weed gardens
weed gravel area
trim hedges
buy hedge trimmer
buy bark for front yard edges
Future Projects
electrician audit
linoleum in both baths
build patio cover
cut/paint/install trim
Work bench in garage
Shelves in garage
quiet the dishwasher

measurements for landscape SW
learn landscape software
find KC/BOTHELL fence easement rules
what is tax difference of bothell vs KC
find local vet for fred
wash cars
buy shirts
bike ride
Phillips graduation
Movie with girls
weed wacking
grocery shopping

(Did you really read all the way down here?? I think 99 bottles of beer on the wall maybe sung while we accomplish this list)

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