Monday, May 24, 2010

April learns to weed eat!

There is a rose bush playing hide and seek in this picture--can you find it?

I honestly considered hiring someone.

Travis promised me I couldnt hurt myself or mess it up--so I gave it a go!

The "un" finished product. My biceps were too tired--but it looks pretty good in this pic.
I even saved the rose!

Meanwhile Travis pulled weeds and wore thru his 4th pair of gloves

This is gorgeous!
Nothing else seemed to merit pictures this weekend.
I dug some more holes with a new awesome shovel--you should come try it out!
Ran a soaker hose thru garden
Added quick release ends to all our hoses
Rearranged our living area and moved all boxes out of sight!
Set up the desk to play with landscaping software
Weeded and raked shaded side of house, nettles and blackberries oh my!
Chopped quite a few limbs from the Maple tree over our front walk way--and forgot to take any pictures!
Imagine me on a ladder, with a hand saw, on precarious ground, while Travis holds the ladder....

and a BBQ Sunday night!

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