Monday, May 17, 2010

And on day 54 they ruled the earth!

Another 10hrs in the garden.

If you will remember where we left off last week:

we had 100sqft of dirt, loose and ready to plant...

Sandy arrived at 9am to give me my first lesson. We got all this done in about 2 hrs.
Tomatos, snap peas and spinach are in! More details to come on another post.

Jess arrived! We prompty got her put to work! I never knew bribery of vegetables would really work.

Travis has done most of the hardwork to this point. We just stand around and look cute.
(just dont look at our feet)

At 7 we finished. Now we can plant the peppers zuchini squash and cucumbers!

Have I mentioned how many rocks are in the garden? Im surprised there is anyroom left for dirt. Ill post pics of those soon. Meanwhile--this is the biggest. I have claimed it for my pet rock... What should I name him?

All this was fueled by some Jalepeno popper dip(evil)

And some Chili! I made these during my domestic day Saturday. Pictures of actual chili never come out looking so good.

More pics to come, just need more rest first.

1 comment:

  1. 1. Garden looks great.
    2. Obviously I'm catching up backwards which
    will either be interesting or frustrating
    for you. I apologize or your welcome.
    3. Must have recipe for dip.
    4. My vote is for Crusty on the pet sediment.
    5. Your chili and my chili ingredients looks I'll have to do a shot for ya
    next time I make it. ;0)


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