Monday, May 24, 2010

Jalapeno popper dip

2x 8oz Cream cheese
1 cup mayo
4oz diced/canned/drained green chiles
4oz diced/canned/drained jalapeno
(Jalapeno is better fresh, but can will suffice)
1 cup parmesan cheese(to sprinkle on top)
If you dont have parmesan, most other cheeses should work

Mix cream cheese and mayo til smooth
(you will contemplate these ingredients for quite some time while mixing, and think, oh my--i better not eat alot of this--but in the end the smell will just be too much and you will consume vast amounts)

Add chiles and jalapenos, mix
Pour in to baking dish of appropriate size
add cheese to top
Cover in foil
Bake at 350ish for as long as you need to postpone it while you get some dishes done,
20 minutes or so
Take foil off, burn yourself--i always do at this part.
Turn on broiler for about 5 mins til cheese starts browning
remove to pad on table--
You will burn your tongue--promise.

Great with tortilla chips or
little party bread things, bake those for 5 minutes til toasty

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