Monday, May 17, 2010

And on day 53 they rested

We took saturday off to ride our bikes down to woodinville.
Opting to ride the Sammamish trail down to Redmond and back.
It was stunning! Birds and trees and sun. If you haven't ridden on this trail-DO IT.
Stopped and looked at some Chestnut trees and got lunch at Oobas before turning around and coming back. 19.5 miles total.

Always examining Chestnut trees to see what my little chester will do if I plant it in the earth. This one isnt too big..


But can you spot the tree towering over the house back there? Its about twice the size...

Fantastic day!

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  1. Wow. Chesters relatives say that you better get ready to dedicate half your yard to Chester! lol My dad had a small tree that dropped burry (not sure that exists just roll with me) like seeds and they KILLED feet. I have no idea what in dee hell it was. May it RIP. lol Beautiful trails!


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