Monday, May 10, 2010

And the list goes on and on and on...

This is all I can recall of our weekend. It was surely a timewarp, days seemed like weeks, and the sun was shining!

Turn 100cb ft of soil
Move pile of concrete pieces
level out edges for last 7 stones
place last 7 stones
watch travis place last 7 stones
weed wack
level entry stones
Turn 100ft of soil and smash to bits
eat hot dog at Home Depot
Buy 10 bags of Compost boost
Add 10 bags
Turn soil and smash to bits again
fill yard waste
wash shelves for towel closet
wash shelves for bathroom closet
BBQ with 2 new neighbors
remove tape from closets
See plumber
See father and his GF.
See gardner Sandy about next step
See Jess.
washed house plants
looked in Attic
Installed cleaned shelves in 2 closets

I give you pictures! and a little cleavage.

Here I am washing shelves like a good little woman. You would think painting closets only involved paint + closets... but you would be wrong.
This one goes out to Margarita-the edge of these stones was quite the tripper/toe stubber.

All fixed now! I think Travis was a contractor in a past life. This is amazing.

And here we start.
4pm saturday, turning our rock solid earth. Im surprised this first turn only took 2 hours. And about 10 million shovel strokes.

And unimpressive--this is what the end of turn 1 looks like.

Dont mess with a man with a rake(and a gun)

And the end of turn 3. Almost looks like a garden!

But this is what we have left to do...*dies of fright*

With all that exhausting work done for the weekend--I give you my dinner plate smiling at me!


  1. THANK YOU fixing the stones that almost ended my high heel life. Every 4inch heel across malls everyone is screaming out with joy!!! Our weekend retreat is coming along great. Good job TrAprl!!!

    ~Kisses Margarita

  2. I luv that you grabbed lunch at the Depot. Sometimes those places give GREAT deals, sometimes even free! ;0) Miss Frugal right here! lol Whenever I come to see you, I will not feel fright in wearing a tank top because our "tops" do exactly the same thing when bending over. ha ha. give me hope that this clay yard of ours might magically transform when we work with it more.


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