Monday, May 3, 2010

Picture our weekends

The 4000lbs of stones for the garden wall were delayed til Monday delivery so our Saturday plans were shot. We decided to lay low and took friday night off and let Saturday be easy stuff.

We slept in finally (til 8:30!)
Ran some errands (Home Depot of course)
Travis cleaned out 2 drains while I assisted with bucket and flashlight (you are lucky I didnt take pics of this--Yuck!)
I drilled my first holes with a drill. No longer a drill virgin.

Installed kitchen knobs finally.

Then it was off to Paul & Margaritas for my first PPV boxing match! I love El Canelo!

(Travis probably doesnt approve this comment or picture)

Here is Travis teaching me to drill holes. Meanwhile Im eating nuts and taking pictures :)

Here is the glory that is cupboards that can be opened!

Imagine trying to open cupboards meant to have knobs with out knobs--its as awesome as you think.

Travis slaved all day Sunday to flatten out this area for the stones coming Monday.He stole our top row to get started. He makes it look easy but these stones are no joke. 80lbs in a little block smaller than most womans purses.
I could not lift a single stone.

500lbs of gravel, wood stakes, string and several hours with the shovel.

Meanwhile, Jen and I edged closet 5, 6, 7 & 8 and finished painting 4,5 & 6.

I always forget that this is more detailed than just "painting"

2 hours before painting:
Remove shelves and hardware
Vacuum edges
Clean baseboards
Tape baseboards
Sand wood shelf supports
Vacuum floors again.

I am also no longer a sanding virgin. Must remember facemask next time to avoid sawdust in my nose!
And for all that I give you 1 lousy picture. More edges than wall.

For all Jen's hardwork I rewarded her with an overpriced bottle of water and a cheeseburger from DQ. Jen is my hero!!

During breaktime we took a trip to Heaven on earth (Molbaks) and with in the hour I got mine planted. One less thing to add to the projects list.
I give you Chocolate Mint and Lemon Balm...

This is about how I expect our weekends to go for a while... with a little less El Canelo though.

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  1. that water saved my life last night when i awoke parched, downed the entire thing and fell promptly back to sleep


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