Monday, October 18, 2010

Weekend #30

I thought we got alot more accomplished this weekend but this is what it comes down to:Tear out row of curcubits
eat harvest
rearrange garage to fit patio set
admire empty expansive patio
admire empty arranged garage
feed treats to neighbor dog
Install new faucet in master bath(not featured)
paint 4 window sills(not featured)
sand beam for an hour (not featured)
return ladder to owner (not featured)
Fertilize lawn(not featured)

take alot of pictures of sunflowers
watch birds eat sunflower seeds
(video is shaky because I haven't had my coffee yet--and I'm an amateur)

And now in pictures!

The one and only Pablano

Last harvest was pretty small

It started turning red just before it rotted off the stem. Still tasty!

Harvest cooked with the last cherry tomatoes

No before pics of the garage--it was all piled in the center from move in day.

This is Pooper, the neighbors dog who likes our yard for some reason...
 She leaves us treats, we give her treats...

After 4 years this unknown rescued Clematis blooms! Outside the fence! The ingrate.

Little star creeper creeping nicely!

Nothing but admiration here. See Cinder blocks for old pics

Too cool for school Sunflower

Love the pointy leaves here

Never noticed Nasturtiums look menacing.

Roses are too easy for photos

Favorite sunflower again

Stay tuned for the faucet and microwave from hell in the coming posts.


  1. Hello! I found your blog through Catherine at A Gardener In Progress. You have done a ton of work on your new house and garden. I've skimmed through some of it but really like that new patio!! And, mulch to vegetables so quickly. Good job. By the way, your fish at the top of this blog are too fun! I'll be back.

  2. Your patio looks really good. I'm trying to convince my husband to get rid of our deck and do something like that.
    You've got lots of pretty flowers blooming. The Clematis reminds me of 'Henryi' or another one of mine that I can't think of now...
    Faucets can be so much fun, we've replaced all them in our house since we moved in. Plumbing jobs are one of my least favorite.


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