Friday, October 22, 2010

Gloves off

Where do YOU keep your garden gloves?

I keep mine 2 steps from the door, much to Travis's dismay.
He would like them out of sight, but for me it's always out of sight, out of mind.
Please note that there are 3 pairs of gloves in this picture: REALLY dirty garden gloves from last week that needed to dry, gloves that Travis uses for laying stones, and the current pair I've been using. The important part of that is that Travis has admitted defeat and now leaves his gloves in the appropriate spot.

If I put them "away" I would have to think twice about throwing them on for a 2 second task. It would result in dirt under my nails and washing my hands yet again and THAT would lead to a higher water bill.
(I'll use that the next time he sneers at my dirty gloves gracing the porch "But honey--I'm saving money!)
Or putting off the task until I have a larger task to merit going to find the gloves, possibly even unlocking the shed, which would include getting my keys from inside... All to pull some weeds or transplant something. Which would lead to putting it off til the weekend! Where I would shake my head that I had put it off at all because here it just took me 10 minutes and now I have all this time to do other things(which isn't a terrible thing).

I like to keep them with a little shovel and the pruning sheers. Maybe they could all go in a cute useful little bucket by the backdoor. Now I get to shop for a cute pail!

So I ask the gardeners: Are yours in the shed hiding away or are they always in plain sight? Reading some of these lovely gardening blogs recently--I wouldn't be surprised if some of them don't even use gloves. Or maybe the gloves have formed to their hands?


  1. I have a cute "glove sized" basket on the end of a shelf inside the back garage door. They all get throw in there. Easy to grab on the way out to the garden. And, they're right by the pruners.

  2. I use throwaway latex gloves, that come in a pack of ten or twenty, from the grocery store. They make my hands sweat, but they keep my nails clean, and when I wear them I can still feel what I'm doing. I do have a heavy pair that I use if I'm pruning stuff with spikes or thorns. I keep them all on the back porch, on top of a table full of odds and ends that I use for gardening. Kind of a potting table, but I don't actually do much potting on it. They have to be in sight and easy to get to, or else I won't bother.

  3. I'm afraid Travis would not approve of where I keep my gloves either....they are right on the floor by the back door along with my Felco pruners (in their holster, of course!) and my knee pads. Actually, even I don't approve of where I keep my gardening stuff, but as you said, if I put them away, then it's out of sight out of mind and then I might actually be tempted to buy new ones. I like the idea of a cute pail!

  4. Thanks Ladies! I think I won this round. When I looked at the pile of gloves again, it is actually 4 pairs :)

  5. Mine sit on my little gardening stool which is normally right inside one of the doors... I agree, out of sight means out of mind and in my case means it won't get done.


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