Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Garden in no particular order

Sunsprite(I think) is doing particularly well since I moved it under the eaves. Seems it doesn't like rain.

Crocosmia looks splendid. I want to plant ALOT more of this next year, in a bunch, in the ground.

Here is an elusive 'crows in the sunset' shot. Click for bigger view.

Garden is looking shabby. Just looking at it adds 10 items to my to do list.

Sad sad harvest coming from this row. 3 itty bitty zukes...
aren't going to stop me from pulling it out this weekend

Cosmos have met there match with the rain. I pulled them out Monday...
makes me a little sad because they were still blooming, just laying down.

I couldn't get a clear picture to save my life. Maybe because my battery was dying?
Cayenne's are turning red from the ends. So cute!

Chester has admitted fall is here. Soon he will be all trunk and branches.

Rainy day shot

More to do. Winter greens need to get planted soon.

Quiz time--I keep dreaming of these-What are they?

And what is this? Azalea?

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  1. Ugh, my Cosmos are doing the same thing because of all the rain we've had recently! It's so frustrating when the camera refuses to focus, mine does that all the time. Does yours have a zoom? Sometimes, I stand farther away and zoom in, instead of trying to get the picture from very close.

    Your reddish shrub is a type of barberry, I think. Does it have thorns? The other is Viburnum davidii.


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