Monday, October 11, 2010

Ho Hum

Ever since September started I've been of the mind to Deny Deny Deny that fall is coming. But rushing home to get 1 hr of sun before sunset is getting to be impossible.  Each day its earlier and earlier.

And now that our pumpkins are actually festive, I guess I have to accept it.

Once I get past this transition, maybe I can admit it and move on.
Of all the weather we had this last weekend/week, I crossed off 2 items on the to do list(and added 6!)
Travis, while sick, kept to his plan-he laid sand and  8 more stones.
It is a terrible picture thru an upstairs window, but it is coming along.

I painted 5 window sills. 5! And I found MORE that I didn't include in the original count!
I put it off til Sunday evening and it only took me 2 hours.  The job didn't even merit any pictures.
In other news...

We started the weekend watching the neighbors ...

garage be demolished...
By a couple amateurs--
This is when half the garage fell in to the neighbors yard..

This is where it ended Sunday night

I guess my weekend wasn't half bad considering I don't need to remove my garage due to rotten beams!

I will have to tell you about the state of the garden tomorrow. IE is fighting with me and it is winning.

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