Sunday, June 13, 2010

Long awaited sunny Saturday

Travis prepped the area we expected to run the main line thru. Protecting the tomatos and peppers... but in the end that wasnt how it worked out...

Anyone that was looking forward to mud wrestling on the patio, I apologize--you missed your chance! The water is gone, for good I hope! The mainline actually ran in to the house about 4ft to the left of where we expected.

What a mess! I just wanted to run around sweeping and arranging things.

What a gnarly machine. Trench digger in action.

Utter destruction and chaos.

For the price of this job I decided it was ok if I did nothing and just took pictures (Travis probably doesnt approve this comment) Look at all these muscles! How could I NOT?

And it was over... but much mess to be had. See stonehenge in the background? I think I can work with that.

And Travis got to try his hand at repairing the irrigation pipe the trencher defeated. Took him some extra digging in the mud and less than $40! Meanwhile I went to a girls party :)

Today we are going to clean it all up and make it livable again. Meanwhile with all the cinderblocks removed, we REALLY dont want to put them back. We may have a new patio vision in the near future.

PS--Did I mention the hot young labor plumbers apprentice/son really liked my shovel?


  1. The hot young what?

    That does it. This summer we're having college bikini girls cleaning our house, top to bottom!

  2. Ill see what I can find on craigslist now... ;)


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