Monday, June 28, 2010

Documented growth

Garden now. The pumpkin really is getting big. 2nd from left at the bottom of pic.
Everything has noticeable growth. Peppers have itty bitty peppers, peas are growing taller!
1 week earlier.

On the left is the ground cover I am attempting to propagate and make it spread faster. I plucked this off the existing plant in several different ways to see if it would live.. so far 10 for 10 is good. So even when cutting it roughly and shoving the end in dirt... this would be considered a weed. Middle is Cilantro. Right is other herbs

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  1. That ground cover is evil... you'll never be able to get rid of it once it takes hold. Okay, never is an exageration... but I have that stuff EVERYwhere and I would love it to be nowhere.

    You're plants look much better then mine... I'm super jealous. Only things growing well out there are the tomatoes and my broccoli/cauliflower. The rest didn't like the weather we had for the last two months. Lost quite a bit of it, and I need to plant new zucchini (they all died) :(


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