Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Great Pantry Debacle 2010

This was supposed to be a simple task.
All I wanted to do was paint the closet and pantry walls white.
So starting back in April sometime... we start painting closets... and kept painting closets thru 2.5 gallons of paint...

But the boards were covered in dust and food particles of the past... so had to wash those... and they were ugly.

But first--there were NAILS in the shelves! Who needs to nail in the shelves? Even in an earthquake, like you are worried about your food spilling out when your house is crumbling around you?

Anyway--where was I? Oh yes. I removed 23 and a half nails from the boards, carried them downstairs, waited for it to stop raining and washed them, let them dry, washed the other side, let them dry... and carried them back up stairs. No small feat.
(travis did alot of this carrying, I just had to motivate)

Then I had to add the contact paper. Which resulted in picking a design and learning to use contact paper. Properly.
I get started, adding contact paper to a shelf a day while making coffee... and then realize-my shelves are 25ft total, and I only have 24ft of contact paper. So back to HD to get more.. but Bothell HD doesnt have the style. I remember I bought it in Redmond, so back to Redmond HD and eek! they dont have it either!
Seasonal styles they tell me--WHAT?! Who changes contact paper per season? Not I. This paper is going on and staying for a good long time.
So I googled the hell out of contact paper and found it! Light shined down from my internets and I wavered...
$15 instead of $6.97 all for the 5ft I need. And its from East Coast.. So that is another 2 week delay. And Im nothing if not Impatient. A couple dollars wasnt going to stop me from finishing. So my other options were to use some other contact paper design, that I already had or paint the shelf white.
One is NOT going to match or flow in the least, and the other takes MORE paint and more effort and time. Im done with spending man hours on this damn pantry. Im up to like 6 hrs 7hrs on this 10sq ft of house! This is where the tears come in from blood, sweat and tears. Im sure you are all crying about now reading this.
On another venture to HD I checked there stock to be sure and I found a similar paper. Waaaahooooo! My troubles are over! Its the same design, but a different shade color wash over it. That I can live with.
I actually prefer it over the original.

Join me now in this reunion of food and shelves!


I cannot bring myself to put the ugly brown light sucking wood doors back on, so I will purchase pretty new white ones. But not yet. Im enjoying my hard earned pantry for now.

Be sure to show some respect to my shelves when you visit.

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