Monday, June 21, 2010

3 months in

3 months in and what have we finished? Check back at 4 months...

In this pic below, we have the garden at 6 weeks. You can also see a large section of cinder blocks are gone. More pics on that coming up later. We may be to half way point Monday night. We can then start levelling it out and adding new stones.

I absolutely love these angles.
Primer is finally done for the accent walls. Had to get a move on as my friend Tyana is coming back for 4th of July... and she helped me start painting April 3rd! I should probably finish! We plan on repainting the accent wall yearly.. but maybe Ill keep this color for a while. I like it alot! Its to be cajun Red.. about the same as this color but brighter.

Here is a wider shot including the beams. Looking better and better all the time. Travis will be found on a ladder every weekend morning til August! The center beam is 4ft from being done, and the one on the right is one sided so should be much quicker. We will soon get to pick the stain color. It will be glorious!

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