Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Dirty pictures

It is official! Things are truly growing. We ate the first fruits of our labor Sunday after planting the rest the garden in the rain... so cute! And tasty.

Tomatos, peas, spinach, mixed lettuce, flowers, hot peppers, bell peppers, chard, arugala, kale, zuchini, squash, cucumber, pumpkin--and a shout out to any of the vegetables I forgot!

What would YOU do with a 38ft planter box? I have some surprises in there--you will have to come see what happens! Special thank you to Travis for doing all the mind numbing chores like pacing back and forth 242 times with shovels of dirt! (and placing the stones and filling in the rocks and watering my seeds and mowing! Oh wait--not done yet--and raking and weed whacking!)

THIS is a weed garden. This is a weed garden on drugs. Any questions?
Intervention! This is after I spent 2 hours on it. Not much to look at and I have NO idea what I will do with it, except continue to pull weeds. Open to suggestions!

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