Monday, June 28, 2010

Another working weekend! Had to work hard Saturday in order to attend a wedding Sunday.. in the middle of the day.

Here is our patio.. Travis has broken his back removing the cinder blocks. Next up, Remove last 19 of the edge blocks, levelling the dirt, adding gravel and placing these 100lb stones. Trying to get it done before July 3rd when we have company coming!
Here is our child labor posing with there task ahead. They told there mom ":They are really nice, they bought us Gatorade!" Ha!

And after: they worked for 4hrs each and we ran out of room in yard waste and had to pile up the weeds. Meanwhile Travis and I weedwacked, mowed, raked, mowed, raked and pulled weeds too.

Here is the worst part of the wedding. Cute, comfy for heels, but still torturous.

And the BEST part of the wedding. The Kiss. The overcast day was too much for my camera from this angle.

More pics on the garden growth on next post!
PS--Would you all quit lurking and say something?

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