Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Doormats and toilet brushes

It is now officially
April 12
May 1
July 1
Sept 1
Dec 1
Dec 10
December 28th
And we have not moved upstairs.
With a lot of teeth gritting, hair pulling and acceptance I finally threw in the towel and made a new due date of March 1.
That is still less than a year since we moved in, and we ONLY get this one chance to willingly (HA!) live in the basement.
In hindsight, we decided on December 26th, that we are taking the month of  December off of working on the house.
At first it was just distractions and impromptu plans that only happen in December. Work trips, dinners with friends, endless errands... and then Christmas came and went, and we STILL didn't get to work.
So it is no longer procrastination, but part of the plan.

Now year end is fast approaching and I still have more to do that has NOTHING to do with progress.
Update my books read list, take donations to good will and craft a year end blog.

Meanwhile I will give you my Christmas wish!
Doormats and toilet brushes!
Finally getting rid of the doormats left by the previous owners and all their dirtiness is a great joy.

But I will save you from the picture of toilet brushes and just show you this DOUCHE who had road rage at Christmas time in front of the mall.

 And on a much lighter note, we spent our xmas eve, engagement anniversary(does that count?) upstairs with our first fire! Quite romantic.

And did you know? Spring is coming!!
I found these hungry little mouths after cutting back the Autumn Joy earlier this month.

That is all I have time for today. Maybe I can post a long list of pictures that need remembering before the year runs out.

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  1. Sounds like a good plan--taking off December. We crammed the last of a bathroom remodel into December in '09 so it would be functional for family staying with us for Christmas. You miss too much holiday fun doing that! Have a great new year!


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