Friday, January 14, 2011

2010 FAIL

So not only did I fail to get my year end post up by year end--- or even the first week of 2011...
I also accidentally published it last night with out knowing it til this morning... and it was a rough rough draft.
Coming soon (now I am committed) the actual posts with pictures and typos and spelling corrected!

My apologies come in way of silly picture of myself for all the internets to see.

I have a thing for trying on hats...

and onion goggles

Travis started the sleep picture war...

Princess April all the way

True story

 I really wish I had bought this one.

Do you see a trend?

I made this one myself

Travis approves this post (I think)
And I plan on removing it once I get my 2010 review done :)


  1. I wondered what was up with that post last night. As usual, I thought something was wrong on my end! LOL

    Love the pink fuzzy hat. You definitely should have bought that one!

  2. Yep, shoulda bought the pink fluffy hat...then wear it during reno work...though it probably wouldn't be "Travis approved"

  3. Don't delete it, that's just silly. I am still working on a good portion of my blogs from November and December. I did get my book one caught up, but the rest are way behind.

  4. Oh, now, no matter how 'silly' you think you look, I still beat you hands down with my apnea mask, LOL.

    Love the 'Princess April' ear protection, we have some of those too, but you really look good in them and all of your hats! I really like the one you made, too.

    Glad to hear it's just not old people like me who hit publish by accident, I've done that more times than I care to say, but that's because I'm a hose-head now.


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