Thursday, April 22, 2010

Project # 117 & 121

What looks to be innocent little pavers covering our patio--are actually giant cinder blocks!!!
This is what it takes to remove one in the center with your bare hands(and available garden tools)
20+ pounds each.
And the reason we have water with nowhere to go underneath???
They have been filled with sand and dirt.
Who wants to help us empty them?

And an update on Travis baby beams (Travis does not approve this comment).
Our move upstairs date was postponed after he spent a good 6 hours on these 6 ft.

Each beam being 30ft or more, that would be oh... 54 more hours for phase 2.
Phase 3 is the detail work(60 more hours?!?!)
And Phase 4 is staining these bad boys!

Im off to update our to do list. I was a bit eager writing it the first time.
So many things that seemed important are irrelevant in the short term.

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